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The Lack of Water

At a global level, around 4.2 billion of people are affected by the water scarcity. In 2050 is estimated to affect between 4.8 and 5.7 billion of people, subjecting more than the 50% of the world population to water scarcity conditions.

Atmospheric Water Generators

The AWGs are devices dedicated to the harvesting of the water contained in the humidity of the air, denominated as atmospheric water.

This water can be collected when the humidity of the location is greater than 30%, producing up to 6000 litres per day with our technology.

A Synergistic Ensemble

In the bast majority of the locations where the water scarcity is a common problem, the are also good levels of sun irradiation.

With this technology, Jua Ltd proposes a solution for the water scarcity for those locations suffering the most from this lack, integrating the AWGs and the photovoltaic energy.

Promising Results

Already existing projects of Jua Ltd in Africa, have shown competitive results, reaching 0.04 € per litre of water produced and a LCOE of 0.12 € per kWh generated.

In compare with other alternative technologies for the water harvesting, this ensemble presents a modular, versatile, transportable and plug and play solution, easy to install in those locations where there are no wells, dams, rivers, lakes, sea or any other water source.



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Jua is offering reliable cutting-edge pre-packaged solar hybrid energy solutions, with unparalleled quality and design. Jua is developing new advanced energy solutions such as microgrids and large remote power solutions supported by digital energy and AI, 5G technologies.

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