How to choose the best battery for a solar energy system

You’ve probably heard of lithium batteries catching fire in small devices like phones…Well, the discovery of a safe, nontoxic lithium-ion solar battery chemistry called LFP (technically lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4) has brought a new standard to the deep cycle lithium battery market. With this safer (and maintenance-free) LFP battery chemistry and high-quality manufacturing from companies like SimpliPhi and Relion, lithium batteries are becoming widely adopted for off-grid energy storage. Yes, they’re more expensive, but consider their benefits! See below.

Home Storage

There are certain specifications you should use when evaluating your solar battery options, such as how long the solar battery will last or how much power it can provide.

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Commercial Storage

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Industrial Storage

Solar panel systems have become one of the fastest-growing sources of energy in the United States. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the solar market is expected to double in size by 2023, becoming a $4.5 billion market by that time.

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Solar batteries are crucial to help you keep your system running.

Installing a solar battery always makes sense but you’ll need to know the price. Like solar, you can think of the costs as both a gross price and a price per relative capacity.

Solar batteries range from $180 dollars per kilowatt hour (kWh) to $1000/kWh.

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How to compare your solar storage options

As you consider your solar-plus-storage options, you’ll come across a lot of complicated product specifications. The most important ones to use during your evaluation are the battery’s capacity & power ratings, depth of discharge (DoD), round-trip efficiency, warranty, and manufacturer.

  • Capacity & Power

  • Depth of discharge (DoD)

  • Round-trip efficiency

  • Battery life

  • Warranty

  • Manufacturer

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