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The versatility of the system allows for a rapid solution to the problem of the lack of electricity from the national network and a more careful management of energy load, needs and consumption.

When there is no network, the system operates without any blackouts. The entire system is managed remotely, and our operations center allows us to intervene on the configuration of load, needs and priorities in order to maximise efficiency.



Furthermore, ticketing and payment of electricity consumptions could be also managed remotely.

Our Solar Hybrid Systems are quite sophisticated. They are fully programmable and our in-house designers can custom engineer a system which will provide a smart combination of all the energy sources available (Grid, GenSet, PV Batteries Wind) to you, giving you a strategic advantage in the reliability, cost and environmental impact of electricity usage.

You will have the ability to earn feed-In tariff credits where available, with the extra peace of mind of a battery backup. This means that even during a power blackout, you still have electricity as usual.

Hybrid systems can provide the flexibility of being able to store the energy you generate during the day instead of feeding it back into the grid – typically at a low feed-in tariff. This energy can then be used in the evening instead of buying power back at a higher price.

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