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The future of solar energy is digital and we can be quite sure that energy is the next sector that digital disruption will hit.

Our planet currently faces important and demanding challenges. Population growth and climate change demand greater efficiency in energy production and consumption.

Many challenges await us in #2020, a symbolic and fundamental year for decarbonization of the planet.

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Dear Stakeholders, It has been a year full of adventures, twists, and satisfaction. With today's latest installation, we bring a close to

Dirty fuels kill millions as investment in clean cooking runs short

By |December 4th, 2019|Categories: Africa, Climate Change, Pollution|

04.12.2019. , Nita Bhalla Dirty fuels kill millions as an investment in clean cooking runs short Three billion people cook with dirty fuels on open

The African dimension of the Kingdom of Morocco, Opportunities and challenges.

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Jua Dialogue Tuesday 03.12.2019 h 17.00 in the "Palazzo Moroni" group room in Padua Greetings from the Padua authorities Hon. Andrea Colasio, Councilor for Culture,

Marrakech, le défi de l’énergie solaire dans la ville “sans toits”​.

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L’installation de systèmes d’autoconsommation doit devenir, certes, une révolution écologique et évidemment énergétique pour la ville, mais dans le respect sensible de l’identité des

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Jua is offering reliable cutting-edge pre-packaged solar hybrid energy solutions, with unparalleled quality and design. Jua is developing new advanced energy solutions such as microgrids and large remote power solutions supported by digital energy and AI, 5G technologies.

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