>> We are here to help you to define your Load Profile.

If you want know which configuration of Jua products is right for you, first analyse your energy needs carefully.

This is the most important moment of the process. A load profile can be defined as the power demand of an energy system mapped over time.

This is very important. No two systems are the same. Get your load estimation with our tool. Just 3 steps without registration.

Load profiles can have a profound impact on the performance as well as design decisions in off-grid systems.

A better knowledge of load profile makes for a more optimal off-grid electrical system design

>> See some example of the most common Load Profile.

Over the years we collected a huge quantity of load profile in many different countries. This database is now very useful to define your load profile. 

Get your load estimation with our tool.  Just 3 steps without registration.

Fabio Grohovaz
Fabio GrohovazHead of Products at Jua
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