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Off-Grid Traffic Lights – Oman

Two Off-Grid Traffic Light Systems to be placed in the desert of Oman. The Traffic Light consumes 250Wp - 6kWh / day with 2 days autonomy requested. JUA Solution: All-in-one cabinet with strong ventilation for heat resistance. Mppt Charge controller 48V 120A 2 MPPT (200-600Vdc); Hybrid Inverter 4kVA + JUA Control Board; 7.4kWh LiFePo4 battery pack.

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Off-Grid Luxury Villa – Greece

The Greek island of Folegandros has an electrification rate of 50%. Our Customer needed a reliable energy supply 365 days/year. JUA Solution: 15kWp PV power; 8kVA Hybrid Inverter + JUA Control Board; 2 Mppt Charge Controller 120A 48V; 50kWh OPZV battery pack; Diesel Generator 10kVA for cloudy days.  

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Progress in rolling out of national power grids has stalled across Africa

Three years ago the African Development Bank launched an initiative to speed up the supply of electricity in Africa in 2016. Launching the New Deal on Energy for Africa, the bank’s President Akinwumi Adesina, remarked: Africa is tired of being in the dark. Other high-profile initiatives – including Power Africa and Sustainable Energy for

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Jua is offering reliable cutting-edge pre-packaged solar hybrid energy solutions, with unparalleled quality and design. Jua is developing new advanced energy solutions such as microgrids and large remote power solutions supported by digital energy and AI, 5G technologies.

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