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Minister of Finance of Ethiopia, Hon. Tafesse

A pleasure and an honor to have the chance to present our work and cutting-edge solutions to Minister of Finance of Ethiopia, Hon. Tafesse. This is what the AEF2019 is all about! Synergy and brilliant minds!

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The African dimension of the Kingdom of Morocco, Opportunities and challenges.

Jua Dialogue Tuesday 03.12.2019 h 17.00 in the "Palazzo Moroni" group room in Padua Greetings from the Padua authorities Hon. Andrea Colasio, Councilor for Culture, Municipality of Padua Abdallah Khezraji Greetings from the President of the Italian Moroccan Festival Introduced by Matteo Villa, Expert in a sustainable economy, specializing in renewable energy. Moussaoui Ajlaoui, professor

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