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Micro-Grid – Tunisia

Study and development of a Micro-Grid with application in the Agricultural Field. One Big System called “Central” with 3kWp PV, 6kVA Hybrid inverter and 5kWh LIFePO4 battery pack is in charge to create one grid in 220V 50Hz. The Central System with JUA Control Board is able to manage other 4 Systems called “Satellites”: 4 Solar Hybrid Inverters with

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JUA at Micro-Grid Academy

In June 2020 JUA took part in the Micro-Grid Academy course RenewABLE Energy Systems for Covid Health Centers, coordinated by RES4Africa Foundation, where AVSI Foundation and University of Rome La Sapienza were project leaders. During the Academy, JUA technical team analyzed the consumption data from 11 Health Centers operating by AVSI, a non-profit organization founded in 1972,

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ILS Air Monitoring Device – Equatorial Guinea (Corisco International Airport)

The Instrument Landing System (ILS) of Corisco International Airport, Equatorial Guinea, needs 200W per 24 hours / 4.8kWh per day and three days autonomy. JUA Solution: 1 mppt charge controller 48V 80A (150Vdc on mppt); 1 Hybrid inverter 2.4kVA; 20kWh OPZV battery pack; 5.7kWp PV power (20 modules 285Wp in 2 string of 10 modules);

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NDB Radio Transmitter Device – Libya

The NDB Radio Transmitter Device needs 350W per 24 hours / 8.4kWh per day and three days autonomy. JUA Solution: 2 mppt charge controllers 48V 70A; 1 Hybrid inverter 2.6kVA + JUA Control Board; 48kWh OPZV battery pack 6kWp PV power (18 modules 335Wp in 2 string of 9 modules, one string per charge controller).

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#GlobalOffGridSolar Forum and Expo, 18 – 20 Feb 2020 – Booth 26

We are excited to invite you to the #GlobalOffGridSolar Forum and Expo, 18 - 20 February 2020 in #Nairobi Booth 26 Learn More :

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Minister of Finance of Ethiopia, Hon. Tafesse

A pleasure and an honor to have the chance to present our work and cutting-edge solutions to Minister of Finance of Ethiopia, Hon. Tafesse. This is what the AEF2019 is all about! Synergy and brilliant minds!

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Trois décennies d’énergie Solaire Photovoltaïque au Maroc

Trois décennies d'énergie solaire photovoltaïque au Maroc. par Prof. Amin BENNOUNA TROIS DÉCENNIES D’ÉNERGIE SOLAIRE PHOTOVOLTAÏQUE AU MAROC Au Maroc, la demande en modules solaires photovoltaïques a connu trois grandes phases : une longue phase de “relative morosité” [1995-2010] qui s’est située entre deux phases de croissance rapide (1985-1995 puis 2010-2018). Aujourd’hui, l’inéluctabilité de

By |2020-05-01T23:37:19+02:00December 4th, 2019|Africa, Climate Change, Morocco|

Dirty fuels kill millions as investment in clean cooking runs short

04.12.2019. , Nita Bhalla Dirty fuels kill millions as an investment in clean cooking runs short Three billion people cook with dirty fuels on open fires or stoves that produce high levels of carbon monoxide, killing four million people annually Meagre investment is hindering countries' ability to meet a global target to ensure universal access

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The African dimension of the Kingdom of Morocco, Opportunities and challenges.

Jua Dialogue Tuesday 03.12.2019 h 17.00 in the "Palazzo Moroni" group room in Padua Greetings from the Padua authorities Hon. Andrea Colasio, Councilor for Culture, Municipality of Padua Abdallah Khezraji Greetings from the President of the Italian Moroccan Festival Introduced by Matteo Villa, Expert in a sustainable economy, specializing in renewable energy. Moussaoui Ajlaoui, professor

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How Nigerians suffer from poor electricity regulation

On April 12, 2017, Aliyu Umar, 27, began his day, carefully preparing a charcoal fire with which he would prepare breakfast of noodles, bread, fried eggs and tea for his early morning customers. His makeshift shop was a hotspot for residents of Unguwar Hausawa community, in Nyanya, a suburb of Abuja. When they needed a

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