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>> Providing electricity services to unhappy on-grid customers as well as off-grid communities. 


The historical flagship line of Jua. The most robust Energy Storage Systems (BESS) with the best class lithium batteries.

Jua Cabinets and Barrels are perfect for making energy self-sufficient in Houses, Hospitals, Offices, Gas Stations, Bank Branches, Telco Towers. When there is no network, the system operates without any blackouts.

>>Jua Light 

Jua Light Range of products

The consumer product line. Less sophisticated than the native Jua line, it is an excellent compromise between quality and a fabulous price. Built only with long lasting materials. Barrel is perfect for homes, schools, offices and supermarkets and factories.

>>Lithium Storage

Jua uses the commonly preferred LiFePO4 chemistry for stationary energy storage. Its thermally stability and higher cycle life compared to many other Li-ION technologies present an advantage in terms of energy availability and investment.

>>Jua Panels

Enjoy the freedom of planning on curved surfaces with high efficiency, ultra-light flexible solar modules. Steel cables are sufficient to install the modules. Useful for houses in historic centers, urban PV, beach bars, gardens. Made in Milan, Italy.

>> If you want know which configuration of Jua products is right for you, first analyse your energy needs carefully.

Suzanne Vaster
Suzanne VasterLithium Specialist at Jua
Contact Suzanne for any technical help.

    >> Newsroom

    ILS Air Monitoring Device – Equatorial Guinea (Corisco International Airport)

    November 11th, 2020|Africa, Off Grid, Reliability, Technology|

    The Instrument Landing System (ILS) of Corisco International Airport, Equatorial Guinea, needs 200W per 24 hours / 4.8kWh


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    Jua is offering reliable cutting-edge pre-packaged solar hybrid energy solutions, with unparalleled quality and design. Jua is developing new advanced energy solutions such as microgrids and large remote power solutions supported by digital energy and AI, 5G technologies.

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